2007 toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6

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Our 2005 Vehicle of the Year face-off showcased some difficult competitors, however from the start, we understood the new Toyota Tacoma was mosting likely to be a significant gamer: bigger and also bolder looks, a strong powertrain, a large renovation over the previous version. In the long run, it took home the just honors, which earned it a place in our long-lasting fleet for an one-year assessment - 2007 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6.

We chose the PreRunner with a TRD package-it offered the tough looks of a hard-core 4 × 4, sans the weight of a transfer case, added driveshaft, and all the front-axle components that would certainly've included nearly 400 extra pounds. The weight financial savings provided an excellent quantity of additional throttle action and also far better overall gas economy. Remorses? Going with the runningboard action rails ($ 369). They weren't practical, really did not fit with the vehicle's position, and also left dust on the back of a motorist's pant legs.

2007 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6

2005 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6

In its first six months, our Radiant Red RWD Tacoma showed so prominent, the odometer clicked up another 5000 miles every two months, with trips to Reno and also Phoenix az, and also it spent hours of abuse duty in Southern California website traffic. Testers kept in mind the vehicle felt tight and solid from the beginning, with only a single comment made concerning the seals around the rear doors, a commonly tough location where to prevent extended-cab air leaks. Past that, the majority of logbook entries focused on exactly how solid the engine as well as transmission really felt, noticeably increasing the front end when starting from a full stop. One motorist created that the PreRunner reminded him of a sprinter at a begin line, tensely waiting on the gun to fire. The interior got high praise from all personnel, with its numerous cupholders and big lockable storage bin, with even a couple of concealed compartments under the back fold-down seats. Personnel digital photographers suched as the built-in 115V inverter, which allowed them to plug in their laptops to download and install images immediately complying with a shoot. It likewise aided keep electronic camera batteries charged-though a plug inside the cab, in addition to the one in the bed, would've been even more useful.

The Tacoma performed several towing stints, running into very little tail wag despite a 3500-pound Fleetwood camper in back. The truck's soft rear springtimes implied taking safety measures concerning tongue weights so as to not aim fronts lights right into approaching traffic during evening driving. Fuel economy balanced 13.8 mpg when pulling, the facility console shifter making for very easy handling between 3rd as well as fourth gears in order to help maintain the engine revs in the greatest part of the powerband-a good thing hauling up grades at elevation. Other towables included a leased U-Haul trailer (from Sacramento to Los Angeles) and also a microsize foldout camper. Plenty of camping equipment, coolers, and mountain bikes have been loaded right into the bed, dragged as well as banged about, without making a substantial scratch, thanks to the weight-saving composite bed.

The Tacoma's first service at 5000 miles was routine, costing regarding $45; yet at the 10,000-mile mark, a couple of issues had to be taken care of under service warranty. First, some brake vibration and a mild "clunk," after that among the home window networks started to stick, and also ultimately, the AIR CONDITIONER recirc light flashed, after that went out totally, making us suspect the whole air-conditioning system (not a good thing throughout a Los Angeles summer). Turns out the brake rod needed adjusting, the home window channel needed some lube, as well as it was only a burned-out recirc light in the A/C (which implied the entire AIR CONDITIONER control system needed to be changed due to the fact that there was no chance to just alter the recirc bulb). The 10,000-mile solution price $45 as well.

No surprises at 15,000 miles, either, although the window channel once more had to be relubricated with the standard solution setting you back $138.45, because of some deeper maintenance checks. After 20,000 miles, the brake pedal resonance came back once again, yet after a front-disc resurface, all went back to typical. Cost: $68.08.

Tires were turned at every solution period (5000 miles) and our BFGs appeared as if they would certainly last at least 40,000 miles. About fuel economic situation, a great deal depended upon who was driving (lead- versus featherfeet), but the Tacoma balanced simply under 18 mpg, with a finest long-haul freeway travelling average of 22 mpg.

There's a lot of vehicle here for $25K: The Tacoma held up under substantial usage as well as abuse as well as showed progressively prominent with our team during its time here. No wonder it's ended up being the very popular compact or midsize pickup truck in the United States Ford as well as GM, Nissan and Honda, are you keeping in mind?

From The Logbook
" I such as just how they have actually slotted 3rd and also fourth an easy slide from each various other on the shifter-makes it excellent for men that tow to maintain the engine revs up. We maintained a consistent 75 miles per hour up Donner Pass (7500-foot elevation), with a 3500-pound Fleetwood no problem."
- Brian Vance

" Framework does a decent work of maintaining points quiet beneath you on a lengthy highway drive (we travelled to Arizona), yet saw on some high-wind areas, the seals around the rear doors get loud."
- James Dryden

" Can't really call this a small any longer. Lots of room. As well as for the engine-what a good shock when you get on the throttle. It actually stands up and also scoots. Weight financial savings on the 2WD appears to help. A great deal of character for $25K.".
- Julia LaPalme.

" Simply invested 3 days of prerunning for a future truck test-this TRD package is a lot more in your home on a truck-wide dirt road compared to it gets on a concrete freeway-you can virtually feel its sigh of relief when it leaves the sidewalk.".
- Mark Williams.

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